Monday, March 28, 2016

My new Bookstagram series: #ExploringBookshops

If you don't know already, I am an avid Bookstagrammer, and in fact, it was posting about books on Instagram that got me started in the field of book-blogging.

Now that I have had my Bookstagram for over three years, one of the struggles I seem to constantly face is a lack in creative inspiration, along with a fear of my posts being too repetitive. There are days, I admit, when I become bored of my account, which lead me to take a break and wait to be hit with a sudden impulse of creativity for my photos.

Recently, I've been thinking quite a lot about ways that I can improve my account and "up my game," I guess you could say. And, hence, I came up with the idea of creating a new series on my Bookstagram: #ExploringBookshops

The hashtag is pretty straight forward, and it surprisingly has not been used yet on Instagram, so I have decided to utilize it myself, in what I hope becomes an interesting collection of photos from all sorts of bookshops (preferably independent) that I visit around my town, state, and one day across the country (and maybe even world!).

My goal is to expose my book-loving friends and followers to the magic of independent bookstores and to encourage people to support their local bookshops, as they are owned by hardworking people who share just as much of a passion for books as we do.

Each time I visit a new bookshop, I will snap a photo, research about its history/ask the employees about the shop, and post about it on my Bookstagram with the new hashtag mentioned above.

I'm very excited to begin this new series, as not only will it inspire me to explore as many independent bookshops as I can, but it will hopefully inspires others to the same as well.