Review Policy

I currently accept books from authors or publishers in physical format (ARCs, hardcopies, paperbacks, finished copies).
I usually give myself the span of a month to review a book.
**Not all books I receive will be reviewed.

Preferred Genres:
- Literary Fiction
- Young Adult Fiction
- New Adult Fiction
- Fantasy
- Historical Fiction
- Contemporary

If you have further inquires or are looking for more information, please e-mail me at

About my reviews…

I like keeping my reviews quite short and concise. My reviews usually contain what I liked, what I disliked, overall commentary, and a rating based on a 5 star scale. My reviews are all spoiler free, however, occasionally I might have a section where I will discuss topics on the book that may contain spoilers. But do not worry, because the spoiler section is always separate from the rest of the review and I always place a very obvious warning right before one arrives to the spoiler section.

Here is a break-down of my 5 star rating scale:
1/5- Did not finish/Did not enjoy it.
2/5 - It was mildly enjoyable but not very captivating.
3/5 - I liked it, but it could have been better/some things set me off.
4/5 - Great! Just some minor dislikes
5/5 - Spectacular. Need I say more?

**Sometimes I will use ".5" (such as 2.5, 3.5, etc.) if I am torn between two solid ratings for the book and I cannot make up my mind on which.

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