Monday, June 2, 2014

A Fresh Start

I'm pretty sure there isn't one soul who noticed that I wasn't blogging, so I guess this post really won't matter. But I still feel like I owe an explanation.
To begin this, I would like to say that I was blogging, just not on this blog.
For some reason, I began to find Blogger to be very frustrating, and so I decided to give Wordpress a try. From what I had heard, Wordpress was a lot easier to use. And yes, it was, but I never fully enjoyed it. I didn't like the layouts or basically anything about the appearance of my blog. It was easier to blog and stay organized and what not, but if my blog didn't even look good in the end, then I thought: What's the point?
So here I am now—more than half a year later—back on this website, giving this explanation to probably no one, but oh well.
I'll be blogging at least once a week (hopefully more) about anything book related, since clearly, I love books.

- Trish

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