Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Night Before Our Stars (6/5/14) - My Experience

The TFiOS Movie was absolutely phenomenal. I can't believe that I actually watched the movie that I have been anticipating for the longest time. 

Two years ago, I was simply walking around Barnes & Noble, and I happened to come across The Fault In Our Stars, sitting there on one of the book shelves, and it just stood out to me. At that time, it was not one of the top YA novels, it was not very well known at all. It was just a simple new book that caught my attention. I picked it up, and gosh, it scares me to think how my life would be if I had not picked up that book. 

I remember finishing the book and thinking, how could one story be so heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time? 
I knew I had to share my feelings with someone about the book, but with who? That was when I turned to the internet, specifically Instagram, where I created a fan account on which I gutted out my feelings on the book. The book also triggered my love for blogging! Now here I am, two years later, having had the privilege to watch this story be transmitted onto the big screen. 

When I got to the theater an hour before the movie began, there was already a large line forming, which was crazy! Then at around five o'clock they let us all in the theater. Right before we stepped in, we were handed a copy of a signed movie poster and a beautiful charm bracelet along with it. 

When the movie began it was absolutely insane! John Green appeared on screen, thanked us for coming, and then introduced the movie. Every single person in the theater was squealing. 

I was afraid that when the movie began there would be a bunch of people in the theater whispering and what not, but surprisingly, the moment it started rolling, everyone hushed. 

The movie itself was absolutely beautiful. There are no exact words to describe how amazing it was. It was so exhilarating to these characters that I absolutely adore be brought to life. Just the thought of it right now makes me want to tear up. (Speaking of tearing up, make sure you bring a box of tissues and lots of food to munch out your feels if you haven't watched it yet...)

The thing I loved the most about being in the same theater with a bunch of other die-hard fans was that we were literally all like one big family, or should I say: fanmily. We all laughed in the quirky, funny parts, and cried our eyeballs out in the heart-wrenching, lamentable scenes. Whenever anyone would quote in the movie, you'd hear everyone in the crowd squeak with joy. By the end of the movie, I'm pretty sure 90% of the people in the theater were crying. In fact there were a few people here and there who were literally sobbing. I remember just sitting in my seat, not being able to fathom the fact that I had actually watched the best book to movie adaptation ever. Afterwards, there was twenty minutes of free time before the live show, which gave us time to recover ourselves from our emotional overload.

The live show, of course, was also grand. Birdy played two of her songs: Not About Angels from the TFiOS soundtrack, and Skinny Love from her album. Then, the cast came on (dun dun dun...). It was very thrilling to see the cast on screen, to know that they were actually live, not literally there, but still live on screen. It also was touching to see how close they were, especially when Nat and Ansel were comforting Shai when she was crying. The reason for her crying, she explained, was that she was very touched by Birdy's performance (weren't we all!).  After the live Q&A, Nat and his brother Alex sang two of their new songs which I really enjoyed. 

That was pretty much everything that occurred at the Night Before Our Stars. All I can say is that it was beautiful in its own very heartbreaking way. I loved it.

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